Depression and Adventure

As a person living in modernity, you have been encouraged to be fearful and play it safe. You’ve probably sacrificed personal sovereignty – your mental freedom – in exchange for security and cheap dopamine.

All this, mind you, while you live in what is probably the safest time and place that has ever existed.

Your biological platform, as well as your human spirit, were designed for a different purpose than a life spent running and hiding and avoiding and numbing out. Your body will send you signals in the form of boredom, restlessness, irritation, and depression if you are not undertaking a meaningful adventure.

Ignore these feelings at your peril!

Your adventure might be the career you really want, having kids, or simply being who you truly are instead of who you pretend to be. Or it might be something else. The beginning of any adventure is discovering it.

Failing to launch your adventure in exchange for playing it safe, though, is a recipe for depression and meaninglessness – a disaster worse than anything that might be encountered on the adventure both because it is certain, and because it shows that the security of playing it safe was a lie all along.

In many cases, depression is simply the soul’s yearning for a meaningful adventure.