Alexander Bon‑Miller

Claim your empowered potential and actualize your purpose

You've come here for a reason...

…and you’re reading this for a reason.

You’re moving in the direction of an intuitive call to change, to evolve, and to step fully into who you truly are and what that means for you.

This unknown place you’re moving toward is the arena of your heart’s desire.

Imagine approaching the arena doors,

the tension in your gut throbbing,

and the doubting mind running its scripts.

My promise to you is that when that door swings open and reveals the excitement, danger, and radical authenticity of the place where you truly belong…

You will see me waving you in with a big smile on my face.


With almost two decades working closely with at-risk youth as a teacher and mentor, there isn’t much that can surprise or scare me.

Training in mixed martial arts and learning to find self-control and the precision I needed to fight professionally anchored me in my source of resilience and tenacity. These qualities continue to serve me and those around me in every moment.

My daily commitment to meditation and learning from world renowned teachers has led me to great spiritual reckoning, leaving me committed to presence and service as my purpose.

And, after a 10-year labyrinth-walk with marijuana and pornography addiction, reaching the bottom and finally getting free, I now embrace a life of sobriety and humility.

If you join me in the arena of your deepest longing to change – to grow up, level up, and transform yourself – I’m ready to fully meet you there, to serve you and guide the way.