Young Men's MENTORING Group

a 3-month training for those seeking an adventure inward


Discover and step into the best man you can be.

Meet others who are also seeking a meaningful way of being and an upward direction.

Develop inner strength to stand up to the world where others would bend or break.

Receive mentoring from a coach and therapist with over 30 years of combined experience helping men to find and execute a vision of themselves worth realizing.

When I was young, people who cared about me were frustrated that I didn’t seem to be headed in a direction and wasn’t living up to my potential.

What I couldn’t articulate to them at the time was that I needed things they couldn’t give – self-discovery, purpose, adventure, a way of being that expressed my true essence, relationships with other people who wanted to forge their own path, and mentors who walked their talk and could help me step all the way into the arena of life.

Over time, I found all of those things and learned that my instinct to seek them was the best advice I could have listened to.

For young men whose instincts are telling them to undergo a similar journey: My colleague and I have designed this training to help you.

WHO it's for

This training is for young men (18-28) who…

Know what they “should” do, but are not taking bold, decisive, focused action;

Feel like there is no compelling route forward, but are determined to find one;

Know they have potential, but cannot yet discern how to actualize it; 

Want to step into their masculine essence in an authentic way; and

Are ready to emerge victorious from a deep confrontation with what holds them back.

Your mentors

WILLIAM WALKER (MBA) is a coach with 20 years of experience working with men and high performing leaders, including executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, doctors, lawyers and pilots. He is a certified Integral Therapist, professionally trained coach, author, and teaches in the department of Communication at the University of Ottawa. For more information about William, visit

SEAN CAMERON (RCC RSW MSW) is a therapist who helps clients heal childhood wounding, step into authenticity, and attain personal mastery. For 13 years, he has helped teenage boys and men ready themselves to live in a way that is functional and honors their deep, inner truth. He operates a psychotherapy practice in British Columbia.


To ensure each participant receives sufficient mentoring, a maximum of 12 young men will be selected.

We begin with an individual visioning and goal setting process.

Then, for three months, we’ll all meet for bi-weekly 90-minute sessions.

Meetings will be used for checking in, teaching, Q&A, and breakout room activities.

Lectures will be on on topics including optimizing belief systems; developing confidence, self-respect, and independence; women and dating; embracing masculinity; mental and physical vitality; finding and engaging a vision; self-discipline; overcoming fear and mood issues; and career.

There will be work to do between sessions – action items, new habits, journal work, etc.

A text group will be used to connect throughout the course for the purposes of accountability check-ins and general communication.


The program is billed at $150 per each group session – a total of $1200.

If your benefits coverage includes sessions with an Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) or Registered Social Worker (RSW), you may be eligible for reimbursement by your provider. 

Also, like all meaningful things, this program will cost you effort. It will be safe and supportive, as well as rigorous, challenging, and transformational. You will be invited to lay claim to the truth about how you feel, who you are, what you want, what’s getting in your way, and what needs to happen for you to grow. You will also be supported in walking your talk and taking practical steps based on your discoveries. It will be work, and the outcome you create will directly correlate with your devotion to that work. Prepare yourself to fully commit to this investment in yourself.